Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Just a Poem and a Video

I just thought: let me share something personal today.

I've started a youtube channel recently and perhaps it's up your street. And if it is not, it is not. D'ya know what I mean? One of the reasons I started the channel is to talk. About my passions, but also my anxieties or problems. Just whatever is on my mind really.. I hope you like and feel free to comment or stuff, I'm new at this whole putting my face on the youtube thing.

But that's not all gentle people. For the past few years I have written quite the collection of poems and here's one to end this day with.  This post isn't the most structural or anything, but I guess that's me at the moment.
The Horizon is full of emptiness
reach for the stars they say
look out for them, even
When in dispair

Looking for higher, positive things
Still emptiness
'Till sunset gives positive vibes
We all resurrect when the sun rises
We survive like so called gods do
We are the future

Like the basque people say
We have reached



  1. That poem is incredibly beautiful Marc, I love it!! :) & you're such a calming person btw, great video x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Oh thanks Sara, that is so kind of you! :) Wasn't sure if other would fine it beautiful too haha, but i'm glad you liked it and the video too :)



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