Thursday, 13 April 2017

An open letter to the lovely Francesca

"Dear Francesca,

So surprise, surprise! Francesca, you are the best and I'm going to tell you exactly why! I wanted to write this open letter to you to let you know that you are so amazing and I want everyone to know, what kind of brilliant human you are. You are a lovely friend and I appreciate you so, so much.

I've followed you for quite some time on twitter and you are such a brilliant individual. I found your blog and was just completely in awe of it. You write so, so well. From the first moment on, you were already one of my favourite bloggers and you still are. I like the variety of the things you talk about, it really is amazing. It inspires me so much.

The way you write is how I imagine you are in real life, so well spoken and entertaining, yet educating. It's fantastic to see someone with a writingstyle where the words just seem to flow, like a beautiful poem. Yes, that's it. Your words are poetic. The words keep me wanting to read more and more. I believe I once read more than 10 blogposts in one sitting!

You are an inspiration to my blog. We might differ in our blogs, I think anyone can see that. But the personal blogposts you've written are so inspiring and encouraging. I aspire to be a better writer everyday and you are certainly an idol to me. Not alone as a writer, but also as a person. You are one of the most lovely people I've ever seen.

We started talking a few weeks ago and I immediately  saw the kindness in your soul. You are so enthusiastic and spontaneous. It really is one of the best things ever and your positivity means a lot to so many people out there. I can honestly say that your kind words have saved me from darker times. I can honestly say that you words and care made me a better person already. For that I'm so grateful. You are a star.

You are kind, sweet, lovely and so supportive. I've recommended you to many bloggers already, because pal, you rock! You are such a brilliant mother and I've so much respect and admiration for everything you do and stand for. It's a privilege to have such a strong personality in my life and I feel blessed to have you as my friend. You are one of the most honest, genuine and cool bloggers out there and I hope we could one time meet in our life. That would be an absolute highlight.

Beautiful. That are you. Everything about you is beautiful, inside and out. It makes me feel so glad that I've met you. You are funny, intelligent and caring. Loving and productive. I love your instagram and your photography! Sometimes people say that the blogging world is dead and it's not inspiring or encouraging more. Well I say rubbish to that, because we got Francesca and Francesca is bloody fantastic!

I would like to thank you for shining your eternal light on the world. Even in these dark times, we have you and you are truly a sun, a diamond, a star. Shine on you lovely person, never change and we all love you to bits.

Your pal,


  1. I love it when bloggers have a unique writing style! I went to check her blog out, and omg she's so gorgeous! xo

  2. I follow Francesca and I too admire her writing!

  3. I love her blog so much! I'm loving these letters of yours too, they're so sweet!

  4. Francesca is amazing and so gorgeous! I love these open letters, they really brighten my day, I really mean that!

  5. Ah love Francesca and her blog/socials. Always keeping up with them. Great series!

  6. This is so nice to read! I love Francesca's posts xx

  7. I love this post! It's so sweet and lovely, I'm a massive fan of Francesca's blog too x

  8. Francesca is so sweet! I bet this made her grin from ear to ear - what lovely words!

  9. I had a quick pop over to her blog and wow her photography is good! You're inspiring me to start posts like these

    Tasha x

  10. Yes, another great recommendation. Such a good series on your blog!

  11. These letters are so lovely, and a great series on your blog!


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